Time has always been a fundamental component of our life.
It was the latent and natural heartbeat which guided us like an invisible stream.
However, nowadays time has become more than just a neutral element - it's meaning shifted towards an universal rule which dominates our minds in an almost apodictic manner. Living in a diverse and digital society makes us somewhat impossible to find a clear relationship between human beings and time. Every second seems to be so precious that we have been rushed to fill it up with a presumed duty.
Concept of TIMON is pure and simple: Liberation from the tyranny of time.
Wooden ball rolls down a slope in an incredible slow habit and disrupts our memory of the fourth dimension while denying physical laws.
It's movement creates somehow a nostalgic and analogical scene beyond our imagination.
TIMON offers a lifestyle in which we would rediscover the new value of time.

Furniture which creates your own time


At luxurious hotels or traditional Japanese inns, there is no clock, which makes us relaxed not having to think about time. We also drag ourselves away from home to inordinately places like a mountain or an ocean. Ask yourself a question “can we find a relaxation spot like mountain or ocean in our ordinary life?”
Although it is a ordinal interspace, the clock can create an inordinately and analogical scene by fixing the flow of time. From the society tied down by time to your time at home until sleep - holidays when you are liberated from time, do not take an action based on clock time, but more feel the flow of laid-back time in your liberated spot from time.
Model : T-WALL001
Size : W1190mm×H91mm×D37mm

An object which amuses you the flow of pleasant time


Humankind feels solace by something moving slow such as bonfire, steam, or jellyfish.  This Timon is an object which entertains you through seeing the scene of time flowing slowly.  By the rhythm of time that has been unconsciously for a long time rubbed into the body slightly changes, you will find a new sensitivity or feeling sprouts up. If you look around the world with this sensitivity, you will find various discoveries that have not been seen before. The wooden ball moves against physics theory, and it moves slowly on the surface as if it controls itself.
Model : T-TABLE001
Size : W450mm×H85mm×D105mm


Our concept of craftsmanship is not to make something but consciously create a new value to our lifestyle.
Our project theme was “time” in this time.
As we too closely live in this world with time, it used to be difficult to have suspicion against time.
By slightly changing the concept of time, we came up with an idea it gives a new value or lifestyle.
As we are swamped with time and various things are digitized in our life, how do we live in analogical and wider time concept?
Lights you can adjust brightness in your room as you prefer
An air-conditioner which adjusts the temperature in your room.
Not only you live your life based on clock time, but lifestyle gives you the flow of your own time in your space.
Deeply to think about time slowing flowing in our space.
Time gives you some discoveries in philosophical way and sort of excitement.
This project sticks to analogic.
We created this through the collaboration of Japanese craftsmanship and professors. .

Hiroshi Minobe & Shigeki Ikeda

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